Amanda Martin-Hardin
host & creator

Amanda is a PhD candidate studying history at Columbia University. She is a NYC transplant hailing from Texas who also spent a few years living in Montana. Amanda's research focuses on how race & racism impact access to outdoor recreation spaces in the United States. She loves spending time outside in public parks and will eagerly share random animal facts with you.

You can learn more about her work here.

Madison Aubey


Maddy is a PhD student studying archaeology at UCLA. She is a NYC native. Her research interests focus on the African Diaspora in antebellum North America. She loves Nat Geo documentaries and anything related to goats.

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Prem Thakker

Prem studies history at Columbia. He is from North Dakota (where every winter he and his buddies unite to build an annual friendship igloo). At school, Prem leads first-year students on four-day camp-and-bike orientation adventures.


He is currently on a gap year, working at the American Prospect and authoring his newsletter, “better world."